Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting

The ABC’s of Lighting Technology LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) can vary the properties of the light that is generated in almost the entire color spectrum. Unlike regular light bulbs and halogen lamps, LED lights radiate very little heat, resulting in less energy use and a long service life. Advantages of LED’s LED lights have an extremely long service life of up to 25 years or more than 40,000 to 50,000 hours. Insensitive LED’s have an extremely small and robust design. This makes handling easier during furniture construction and transport. Low Heat Generation Because of their extremely low power consumption, LED lights generate very little heat. This means that LED lighting systems are particularly suitable for displays. Energy Saving LED lights use an impressive 90 percent less power than conventional light bulbs! This means that they can be used to implement modern lighting scenarios in furniture, and still be in line with the energy saving trend. Powerful Modern LED lights are bright and have a saturated light color. They achieve full brightness as soon as they are switched on. LED furniture lighting therefore has a lasting effect at the push of a button. Rich In Variants LED lights are available in different colors, and can be designed as color changing lights. This allows the light color to be coordinated with furniture contents such as exhibits in the best possible way. LED Technology The LED technology incorporates different power systems. A system is decided on by choosing the driver or a particular light. The choice of system is an important decision, because the driver that is selected can only be combined with lights from the same system