Butcher Blocks

Michigan Maple Block Co. and Bally Block Co. have been manufacturing Butcher Block products since 1881. Our Wood Welded Butcher Block line includes kitchen countertops, wood countertops, kitchen islands, kitchen carts, wood cutting boards, dining tables and dining table tops, carving boards, bakery tables, workbench tops, laboratory tops, shuffleboards and locker benches. Our End Grain and Edge Grain. - THE MAPLE TREE The maple tree can be easily identified by it characteristic three to five lobed leaf. It is also well known for it's "helicopter" seeds. Important commercial products include maple syrup and furniture (including butcher block). There are over 200 species of maple trees in the world most of them in the northern temperate zone of the United States, Canada and Europe. Sugar Maple or Hard Maple only grows naturally in a tight range from the western Great Lakes to Nova Scotia, Canada down through Pennsylvania and Ohio. Northern Hard Maple is the best wood for Butcher Block because of its density, hardness and tight grain structure. The further north a Maple tree grows the more dense or strong it generally becomes. Butcher Block was first known for its "tree"mendous strength. Today it is also valued for its good looks.