Hand Planes

Bench Planes are the workhorses of the shop. We make all sizes that Stanley did, from the tiny No. 1 to the huge No. 8. Each has its own charm, but personal preference plays a large part in choosing the right bench plane for a particular job. A beginner needs two basic sizes—a smoothing plane (No. 4 or 4½) and a Jointer (No. 7 or 8). A Jack Plane (usually a No. 5) would be the next most useful size. The frog design is unique—a fully machined mating fit between the frog and the body. The design also allows precise and easy adjustments of the mouth opening from the rear without having to remove the cap and blade. The optional High Angle Frog converts the blade angle from 45° to 50° (York Pitch) and 55° (Middle Pitch). This makes smoothing in difficult woods easier.