Austin Hardwoods & Hardware
Shaper Origin Seminar

May 23, 2024

10am – 2pm

Please Join Us

Shaper Origin Seminar

Shaper Regional Sales Manager Ben Angerer will be our guest speaker and will review the Shaper Origin, Shaper Workstation, Shaper Plate, Shaper Trace, Shaper Hub and Shaper Studio, followed by an opportunity to have a HANDS-ON experience with a Sharper Origin!

The session will be held from 10:00am until 2:00pm with a Q&A lunch between the tutorial session and the hands-on session.

Shaper Origin equipment
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* Seating will be limited to provide the best possible learning experience.

To reserve your place, visit the store, call us at 714-953-4000 or email, we will be asking for a $50.00 seminar fee that Austin Hardwoods will return to all attendees via a $100.00 Austin Hardwoods Gift Card after at conclusion of the event.